Mental Toughness Coach

"Over the years, the IMG Academy has developed several programs to meet the different needs of our students and staff. Towards this end, we are interested at this time in temporarily employing Mr. Hassan Refay as a Sports Psychology Researcher.

In this position, he will be responsible of researching and evaluating the mental aspects that go into the game of tennis at the highest level of competition. This will include analysis of the individual student's game and studying the psychological evidence present in an effort to improve their mental efficiency.

Each student's progress will be evaluated to determine their psychological weaknesses as applied to their game and training strategies will be developed to strengthen those areas of weakness.

Towards this end, Mr. Refay is expected to develop a testing system to evaluate relevant personality traits. He will also develop and implement techniques for mental preparedness, both on and off the court. Students will have to opportunity to undergo counseling and visualization sessions to work on the psychological component of being a tennis player." ~ IMG Academies