About the Mental Toughness Program

How do you get the most out of this program

Be patient with yourself

Playing good tennis and winning tough matches is mostly mental. Clear thinking and having one vision in your mind for every key situation can make you a much better tennis player overnight. Another equally important mental aspect of the game is visualization.

Visualization activates your muscle memory for hitting the shot you want and playing your best game when you want. It’s especially helpful in pressure situations.

Visualizing the kind of tennis you want to play also blocks out negative thoughts. Even if this is the first time you’ve formally heard about tennis visualization, you probably have used it without realizing it.

Having clear pictures of your best tennis shots in your mind will make you gain so much confidence that you can’t wait to go out and play those shots. That is what good visualization can trigger on every shot.

The more you practice visualization, the better you’ll get at it, and the more it will help you play amazing tennis. Do like the best tennis players in the world do when you aren't playing tennis: relax and visualize your best play.

Try playing a few points against Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova or Rafael Nadal, or any one of the best players in the world in your imagination. Picture yourself on the court on a beautiful, windless morning……

Develop a simple plan for every key situation

The complete tennis shot takes only about a second, so you really have no time to think during the point or change your mind. The good tennis players will develop a mental picture of the shot they want to hit. The object is to put the ball into the most difficult position for the opponent. The pro players put positive thoughts to work to make sure that this is done.

A great tennis shot, point or game should always be supported by good positive thoughts. Relax- It’s Good For You!

Every title starts and ends with the same relaxation routine, the same music, same words, same timing, etc. Why? Because it’s the fastest and most effective way for your body to relax and let your mind focus on visualizing the best pictures for the specific situation.

Learn to Let Go & Let it Happen

Every title is about 15 minutes long and focuses ONLY on one specific tennis situation at a time.

21 Times is the Best

Try to listen to the every title for 21 times to get used to visualization and start eliminating some of the bad habits that keep you from playing your best game and winning the tough matches.

Players who listened to the 10 titles 21 times or more were not only playing incredible tennis BUT were also developing much better concentration, focus and strategic thinking in pressure situations, as well as sleeping better at night.

Master New Physical Skills Faster

Bedtime is the best time! Listening and visualizing before bed is 50% more effective than during the daytime. I want to thank you for purchasing what I believe is the best program money can buy.

I hope you enjoy listening to the program as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Good Luck,

Hassan Refay